The Best Nootropics of 2020

best nootropics

What Are Nootropics?

The idea of enhancing your mental capabilities has been appealing to many people for centuries now. It is no surprise that the people have just now began to push the demand for cognitive enhancers upwards. Nootropics, also known as ‘smart drugs’, are a class of compounds that have been shown to enhance cognitive functions. The question is, do nootropics work, and how safe are they? In this article, we will discuss what Nootropics are, their potential benefits, and the safety concerns, if any.

The term “nootropics” was first used to refer to chemicals that met particular criteria. The term is now loosely used to refer to any substance, natural or synthetic, that may have a positive impact on mental functions. Nootropics, in general, fall into three broad categories:

  • Dietary supplements,
  • Synthetic compounds, and
  • Prescription drugs.

Nootropics were an innovation by a Romanian psychiatric and Chemist Dr. Corneliu Giurgea in the year 1972. The story goes that the doctor attempted to create a sleeping pill but instead wound up with a nootropic. Dr. Giurgea described a nootropic as a classification of molecules that can boost the brain’s performance. The substance acts selectively towards the minds high-level integrative activity. They are called cognition enhancers or memory-enhancing elements.

He outlined five criteria’s that a substance must fulfill to qualify as a true nootropic.

  • Elicit low toxicity to human subjects and demonstrate no adverse side-effects.
  • Enhance working memory and learning
  • Improve a person’s recovery from stressful conditions like hypoxia.
  • Protect the brain from physical injury or chemical compounds that might be toxic.
  • Enhance tonic cortical and/or subcortical control processes.

Are Nootropics Safe?

Nootropics are entirely safe for use. Doctors prescribe nootropics that have stimulant effects and can counteract symptoms of conditions like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Alzheimer’s disease.

Non prescribed nootropics such as caffeine and creatine can also enhance focus. They have some effects on memory or thinking.

Benefits of Nootropics.

True nootropics are unique compare to other nutritional supplements. They can enhance brain function in many different ways improving virtually every aspect of people’s lives. They offer cognitive benefits that a standard memory pill can’t.

These nootropic benefits generally fall under:

  1. Short term benefits: These include performance-driven thinking, stress resistance, short term memory imp, and improved focus or concentration.
  2. Long term benefits: like promoting a healthy brain structure and function while aging by boosting mood and support for memory.


We link issues related to mood with brain functions that can be improved with nootropics. They help provide relief for various conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, and others. For instance, L-Theanine has been linked to a calmer heart rate and reduces markers related to stress.


Nootropics that support cell membrane regeneration in the brain are great for memory improvement. Nootropics like vitamin B6, L-Tyrosine, Citicoline are known for improving mental performance, significantly enhancing one’s mental capacity.


Attention refers to a person’s ability to concentrate on a specific task while ignoring other external stimuli from the environment over an extended period. Nootropics improve one’s attention span while they perform tasks such as studying, competitive activities, or productive work.

Nootropics may help with several attention-related disorders, for instance, focused attention, selective attention, or even divided attention involving the ability to manage multiple tasks at once.


Nootropics designed for sleep can help promote a calm mental state. This induced state helps speed up the onset of sleep. L-Theanine is a standout nootropic shown to improve sleep quality and also provides energy upon waking up.


Nootropics are also useful in strengthening the body’s resistance to stress by reloading brain chemicals and naturally promoting the feeling of relaxation. Students also seek nootropics to improve their performance in school. During stressful exams where they are expected to be calm and think under pressure, nootropics help improve their attention.

Brain regeneration

Brain regeneration is a long-term benefit of nootropics. Brain regeneration is optimized fully with nootropics, including growing new brain cells, repairing damage brain cell membranes, remodeling the brain as it adjusts to new experiences, and learning new material.

Nootropics such as Citicoline, work by serving as growth promoters in the brain. Research has it that they boost brain regeneration by up to 26%.

Are There Any Side Effect with using Nootropics?

Like most prescription drugs, nootropics carry inherent risks of side effects and adverse drug interactions. It is advisable to consult a +-physician’s opinion and be sure to mention any other medications you may be taking.

Commonly reported side effects of prescription nootropics might include:

  1. Trouble with eyesight.
  2. Raised heart rates and,
  3. High blood pressure,
  4. Risk of addiction.
  5. Insomnia

Evidence from studies conducted concluded that subjects who use prescription nootropics to enhance mental function likelier to engage in high-risk impulsive behavior such as risky casual sexual encounters. Healthcare experts recommend close monitoring and constant visits to the physician while on prescription nootropics. The latter help to manage any side effects that may arise better and allow efficient management of their conditions.

There are concerns about the increasing abuse of nootropics by teenagers and adults looking to improve their work productivity and academic performance. Nootropics are commonly used to improve focus, wakefulness, and to aid memory when studying for exams. These ‘brain boosters and similar substances have been reported as widely abused drugs by members of the military.

They are used to staving off the effects of sleep deprivation to improve their attention in high-stress situations. The report asserts that 2% to 20% of respondents admitted to cognitive improvements. Animal studies on rodents’ stimulant actions showed varied, and often contradictory results. The study attributed the results to inconsistencies in nootropic dosages.

Critics, however, argue that human circuitry that is involved in cognition is quite complicated and not well understood. Simply put, “one can’t simply ‘turn up the dial.” It has been suggested that a placebo effect merely influenced people who reported an improvement in their mental performance after using nootropics.

Top 10 Nootropics For 2020.

Hollywood and science fiction have romanticized enhancing your cognitive abilities and unlocking the brain’s full potential for years now. And while Hollywood’s motion pictures have their moments, it is possible to safely and naturally enhance your brain’s performance. In this article, we’ll showcase our picks for the top 10 nootropics, what goes into the formulation and what it does for your brain.

All nootropic brands we’ll be discussing in our top 10 list are all bestsellers and arent linked to any adverse side-effects. It is, however, prudent to seek a physician’s opinion if you need further guidance on nootropics.

Below is our roundup of ten of the best Nootropics:

Genius Consciousness Super Nootropic Brain Booster Supplement

A bestseller in its category, Genius Consciousness Super Nootropic Brain Booster, incorporates a lineup of neuroactive supplements and proprietary ingredients. The brain-boosting supplement is what you need to power through a workday with unrelenting focus and improved memory.

Key Features:

  • Improved Mental Clarity, focus, and enhanced cognitive performance: This Nootropic helps reduce brain fog, holding you back from achieving limitless potential.
  • Clinically tested and patented Ingredients: This product’s formulation consists of clinically tested ingredients, some proprietary. The formula makes use of high-quality components proven to have an effect on human cognitive faculties. The product contains 100mg of Phosphatidylserine, 1000mg of Acetyl L Carnitine HCL and 500mg of L-Tyrosine for higher-level thought processing, dopamine production, and nerve support
  • No prescription is needed: This product is made with all-natural, clinically tested proven ingredients. Unlike a lot of “smart” drugs and similar synthetic substances,
  • Energy Boost and Mood Support: The ingredients Dyamine, Neurofactor, and Natural Caffeine fire up the Central Nervous System, helping you stay energized and focused. This product is marketed as being capable of helping you deal with anxiety and also provides mood support.

Neuronol by Dignity Bio-Labs

Neuronol is Dignity Bio-Lab’s flagship memory boosting supplement. It is made from powerful memory and cognitive function, enhancing ingredients whose efficacy is well established. The product is formulated to improve memory, alertness, and focus. The product also aids in mood support thanks to the inclusion of l-theanine.

Key Features:

  • Improves Memory and Focus: The Ingredients used are clinically proven to fight oxidative damage and stress, boost neurogenesis, enhance neuroplasticity, and improve overall brain health.
  • This product is manufactured at a CGMP facility under strict quality control standards. Put merely, Neuronol is a cognitive function supplement you can trust.
  • Gluten-free, Non-GMO vegan capsules: Neuronol memory and focus supplements are formulated to accommodate diet or lifestyle. This product is Gluten-free, 100% vegan, and is made from organic, Non-GMO ingredients for superior quality and safety.

Genius Mushroom

Are you craving a sense of mental clarity?  This brain supplement can help you boost memory, focus, and mental clarity, allowing you to bring out your best performance. Ingredients used support cerebral and nervous functions while also boosting immune responses.

Key Features:

  • Genius Mushrooms combines 3 of the most revered mycological species. The formulation delivers a potent organic wellness formula that is unrivaled. This product enhances mental clarity, immune responses, focus, and more.
  • Immune system booster: Besides enhancing memory and cognitive functions, this product contains components known to boost the immune system. We have used Reishi mushroom extracts for centuries in traditional medicine and give your immune system that extra kick to deal with stress, inflammation, and pathogens.
  • Improved memory, focus, and cognitive performance: This product provides a safer alternative to questionable nootropics and “smart drugs” populating the market. This species is a tried and tested cognitive enhancer, perfect for long work hours and studying.
  • We have also shown Reishi mushrooms to detoxify the liver. This sets Genius Mushrooms apart from the competition by delivering a blend of brain-boosting and overall health-improving ingredients.

ONNIT Alpha Brain Premium Nootropic Brain Supplement

Alpha Brain is designed to help you reduce brain fog and boost concentration. The brand is and has been a market leader in the Nootropics industry since 2011. The product is dairy free, nut, caffeine, and Gluten-free.

Key Features:

  • Physician-endorsed brain supplement: This product boasts the approval of top neurosurgeons, which speaks volumes about the efficacy and quality of ingredients used.
  • Improved memory, focus, and concentration: Alpha Brain is like another gear for your brain. And while most focus supplements rely on caffeine and other stimulants to get you going, Alpha Brain is a CNS stimulant-free supplement.
  • Natural, earth-grown ingredients: Alpha Brain is loaded with the natural goodness of extracts from Bacopa, Cat’s Claw, Oat Straw, and Huperzia Serrata. A blend of these ingredients creates the perfect aid to help you realize your full potential.

Huntington Labs DMAE Pills Nootropics Brain Supplement

Experience the best of natural old-world remedies combined with 21st Century science with this best-selling brain supplement. The product offers improved focus, memory, and mental clarity delivered in a targeted and correctly stacked combination of all-natural ingredients. A unique blend of extracts and herbs work together to boost your attention, focus, memory, and clarity.

Key Features:

  • This product contains natural extracts of Green Tea, perhaps the best-selling herbal formulation. Green tea increases blood flow to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain involved with cognitive tasks such as reasoning, long-term memory, and comprehension.
  • Natures Craft brain enhancement supplements promise a fast way to enhance your performance using safe, all-natural extracts. Bacopa Monniera is well-known for its ability to improve focus and concentration, and its inclusion in the product formula is a welcome addition.
  • Enhances mental clarity: Inclusion of ingredients such as Gaba has been observed to improve blood pressure and cerebral blood flow. This helps clear away the mental fog and is also neuroprotective.
  • Mood Support: we have traditionally used Green Tea extracts as natural mood enhancers. Used in combination with Bilberry Fruit Extract, L Glutamine, Phosphatidylserine, and Huperzine A, you can look forward to improved cognitive functions as well as a host of other health benefits.

Host Defense, MycoBotanicals Brain

MycoBotanicals Brain supplements are a two-part formulation consisting of herbs and mushroom mycelium. These ingredients work to enhance memory, concentration, and cognitive functions. Mushroom mycelium used includes activated, organic Reishi, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane for proper adrenal and neurological function support. Bacopa, Ginkgo, and Gotu Kola. Are also included for improved cerebral circulation.

Key Features:

  • This product is a masterfully formulated herbal and mushroom mycelium blend that works as a natural brain booster. It enhances concentration, memory, and cognitive functions.
  • Product Formula includes activated, freeze-dried organic Reishi and Lion’s Mane. These mushrooms offer neurological and adrenal function support.
  • Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa, and Gotu Kola are the select organic herbs chosen to complement the health benefits of mushrooms.
  • All ingredients used are sustainably grown, organic, and formulated to accommodate vegan and gluten-free lifestyles. Ingredients used are also GMO-free.

Hormesis® 600 mg Alpha GPC with Uridine

This Hormesis product prominently features Uridine Monophosphate in its incredible formula. The compound increases CDP-choline levels in the brain, promoting healthy brain functioning. Ingredients used also enhance your memory, alertness, and improve concentration in healthy adults. The ingredient Uridine may also help improve an individual’s mood by increasing dopamine production.

Key Features:

  • This brain booster is formulated to maximize bioavailable choline in the form of Alpha GPC. The compound’s addition in this supplement enhances the user’s cognition and mental performance.
  • Uridine Monophosphate plays a vital role in repairing damaged neuron membranes and also enhances CDP-choline levels. The blend may improve memory, alertness, and concentration.
  • This product contains ingredients that enhance neural pathways and synaptic connections in the brain.
  • The product is Dairy Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, and is produced at a GMP Certified Facility.

NEURIVA Plus Nootropic Brain Support Supplement

Neuriva Plus Gummies are formulated to enhance your focus, memory, concentration, and reasoning. Lipids are an essential component for a healthy brain, making up to 60% of a human brain’s weight. This brain booster contains Phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid associated with memory.

Key Features:

  • Neuriva Plus Gummies are designed to naturally boost your focus, memory, concentration, and reasoning using a lineup of potent natural ingredients.
  • These brain-boosting Gummies are naturally flavored, decaffeinated, vegan, and also gluten-free.
  • The nutrient-laden coffee cherry fruit extracts have clinically proven to increase levels of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). The protein BDNF strengthens cellular connections between individual brain cells.

Procera Advanced Brain – 3-in-1 Nootropic Brain Supplement

Formulated from a blend of potent botanicals, this nootropic is designed to support mood, focus, and keeps the brain memory functioning in its optimal state. The nootropic is suitable for daily use and contains a blend of ingredients carefully chosen and measured to ensure you receive the most effective dose.

Key Features:

  • Procera’s patented and clinically tested Memory Support formula incorporates Phosphatidylserine, a host of B vitamins for energy, mood balance, and stress relief. The result is a potent 3-in-1 nootropic supplement.
  • Improved cranial blood flow: Panax ginseng and ginkgo Biloba have held a reputation for improving the circulation of blood to the brain and the rest of the body as well. Studies show that improved blood flow forms the basis of a good memory and the overall health of the brain. This patented and clinically tested formulation of Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba does precisely that.
  • Ashwagandha, ginseng, and Rhodiola Rosea are potent adaptogens that act as mood stabilizers. These botanicals help decrease sensitivity to stimuli that may cause stress, ensuring your mood stays balanced with a natural calm:
  • Vitamin B complexes Provide a kick of natural energy, mood support, and also act as stress relief agents.

Irwin Naturals; Brain Awake Red Nitric Oxide Boosters for Enhanced Performance, Focus, and Mental Clarity

Key Features:

  • The product offers a performance boost in the form of L-Citrulline, an amino acid involved in the conversion of L-Arginine to Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide induces vasodilation of blood vessels allowing increased blood flow to the body.
  • The product’s formula includes Ginkgo Biloba extracts, a potent botanical known to improve blood flow to the brain and consequently enhance cognitive functions.
  • This nootropic product may promote focus and enhance mental clarity and also improve information retention thanks to the addition of potent botanical extracts.


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